It’s Free
and Open.

Nope, not like free beer at an open bar. It's much more than that.


What is FOSSMeet?

An annual gathering to celebrate the freedom in FOSS featuring exciting events, workshops, and brilliant speakers.


Why are we conducting it?

We believe in collaboration for the growth of technology and society.

" When a project is opened up, there is rapid and continual improvement. With teams of contributors working in parallel, the results can happen far more speedily and successfully than if the work were being conducted behind closed doors "

-Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux and Git

Creativity can be a social contribution, but only in so far as socitey is free to use the results.

-Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Movement

Who is it for?



If you are a humble newbie to the world of open source, then this is the most suitable platform to introduce you to the culture of code transparency. Additionally, it will prepare you with the skillset you need to get started in the field.



As for educators, the FOSSMeet platform will provide a portal to interact with developers, academicians, and researchers. It will enable you to expand your network in your field of expertise. You will find opportunities to develop new tools and to pass along your knowledge to others who share your passion.

Coding Enthusiasts

Coding Enthusiasts

If you are a coding enthusiast, you do not need to look any further to find people who share similar interests. Getting together with other developers at FOSSMeet is a great way to interact, brainstorm, and build new projects.

And finally,
when and where is it?

10-12 February,
National Institute of Technology Calicut

Save the date for the exciting 3 day event. See y'all there


Once upon a time in FOSSMeet...

Some Previous Speakers

Photo of Bradley M Kuhn

Bradley M Kuhn

Free software Activist

Photo of Dr. Sasi Kumar

Dr. Sasi Kumar

Director, FSF India

Photo of Amol Kahat

Amol Kahat

Red Hatter, Open source enthusiast

Photo of Marco Fioretti

Marco Fioretti

Author and Researcher